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Film Reviews

I love serious films, and try to see at least one a week, always in a theater. I dislike seeing films at home for many reasons, particularly because films often lose much of their power when seen on the small screen. But in a theater you are entirely immersed in the scene. The theater experience, a communal experience, as opposed to the usual solitary experience of watching something at home, is unique, and often powerful in itself. The collective experience of sharing feelings, knowing that your neighbor is probably crying at the same time and for the same reasons as you, seems powerful and helps fulfill our inherent need to be social. Further, a theater experience is out of one's control; you can't stop the film to go to the bathroom or get more to eat. It is much more like life, which proceeds regardless of your needs or wishes.

Writing is difficult for me, so that I only write about films that I really loved. And I need to write within a day or two after seeing the film, which means that unless I had the time then, I didn't do a review. So what you are reading is always a combination of my loving a film and having the time to write. There are many others that I would have written about, but just didn't have the time. I hope you enjoy these reviews, and most important the films themselves. I am sure that you will agree that I need to keep my day job.


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