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About Ian Berke

Ian Berke, Real Estate Broker

Ian Berke has been a real estate broker in San Francisco since 1975, and specializes in midrange ($600K to $4 million) architecturally interesting residential properties. He is a founding member of the Real Estate Roundtable, was on the SF Association of Realtors' Professional Standards Committee, and does expert witness work. His engineering degree and experience have been very useful, as well as his long standing love and knowledge of architectural history. He was on the board of Pacific Heights Residents Association for many years and remains active in neighborhood issues and historic preservation. He has restored four Victorian homes and is an avid collector of 19th century American furniture, glass, ceramics, and lighting. He does one major architectural history program a year, either in American cities or to Europe. He is a Vietnam veteran and a proud supporter of Swords to Plowshares.

For more, see Ian's Resume.

Business Practices

  1. Dual Agency: I will not engage in dual agency transactions, which means that IBRE will not represent both the buyer and the seller in a transaction. Although legal under current California law, this is a classic conflict of interest that can only harm one or both of the principals.
  2. Showings: I will always personally show your property and be present at all inspections. Showings and inspections are far too important to have an assistant or a substitute agent handle. When you hire me, you get me.
  3. Focus: My focus is on selling your property, consequently I will never have more than two active listings, particularly if they are properties requiring open houses. No agent can fully and properly expose and market more than two properties without the use of assistants or other agents.
  4. Advertising: My advertising is designed to sell your property, not attract unattached buyers or promote myself. Consequently all advertising will note the property address.
  5. Cooperation: I attempt to cooperate with other agents to the fullest. I endeavor to maintain my reputation of being a cooperative agent, including showing my listings even when inconvenient to me, and want every agent in any transaction with me eager to repeat the experience. I attempt to answer all phone calls and e-mails no later than the day received.
  6. Ethics: I pledge to practice the highest business and ethical standards. This includes candid and sometimes unwelcome reporting and opinions.

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